Welcome to our community website/blog.  Our “mission” statement is simply:

  • To preserve the quality of life on the Mesa
  • To provide a voice on issues of common interest to Mesa residents
  • To build influence through development of relationships with local officials and regulatory agencies
  • To build “community” through increased awareness, information gathering and communication

If you are interested in the reliability of our water supply, browse through the water-related pages, read comments from others, and post your own comments.

If you are interested in the air quality on the Nipomo Mesa, browse the air-quality pages, read and post comments.

Stay informed!

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  1. Dennis Bryan says:

    In my opinion the claim by the NCSD of a 20% reduction in water use as a result of conservation is totally false. The majority of the lower use was due to people turning off their irrigation systems. The rate payers could no longer afford the cost of water. Driving around the Mesa you will see hundreds of homes that no longer have landscapes. I don’t call that conservation. I call it property destruction. As additional costs increase so will the number of people turning their water off. Now you want to talk about dropping property values?

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